Jacuzzi Boys - Happy Damage


Soften the post-summer festival blues with Jacuzzi Boys, crystal gem EP, Happy Damage, released on 25.09.15 via Mag Mag Records.

Jacuzzi Boys - Happy Damage


Mag Mag Records

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September 25, 2015

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Jacuzzi Boys - Happy Damage

Soften the post-summer festival blues with Jacuzzi Boys, crystal gem EP, Happy Damage, released on 25.09.15 via Mag Mag Records.

Hanging onto the remnants of summer, Happy Damage shows surf rockers Jacuzzi Boys perfectly capturing the poignant California sound that’s been brought to the forefront by everyone’s favourite, FIDLAR. By adding a mellow sprinkling of reverb; Jacuzzi Boys encompass everything that’s cool about rock and do it in a way that makes it sound more exciting than the rest.

Steaming full speed ahead with no nonsense title-track ‘Happy Damage’, JB make headway in proving why they’re a band to be known. Soaked in reverb, distorted guitars and infectious melodies; ‘Happy Damage’ bridges the gap between chilled out psychedelic rock and ferocious garage punk. ‘No Sleep’ continues the rapid and energetic theme present from the off – albeit slightly more chilled – making the EP fun and addictive.

Whilst these tracks flaunt the hectic and chaotic side of Jacuzzi Boys, the calm and hook-driven track ‘Sun’ radiates. Chanting, “Yeah, I feel like a weirdo” over addictive and repetitive hooks is enough to excite any 17 year old looking for a place to fit in. And it’d be hard not to want to follow the electric sounds of these guys when Beach Boys inspired track ‘Wildflower’ springs up images of sun-tanned babes lying on a beach sipping gin n juice as the wonderfully talented Jacuzzi Boys play their bursting rock n roll. Final track, ‘Electric Days’, has that last spark Happy Damage needed to confirm that this EP is a solid debut.

For a band that’s not necessarily doing something brand new, they could quickly be disregarded as churning out the same old stuff – but the splattering of genius and the infectious energy that they produce nods towards a big future for Jacuzzi Boys.

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