Loud Women - Reclaim These Streets


This incredible protest song, a collective single, is out today. All proceeds will go to Women's Aid

Loud Women - Reclaim These Streets


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Loud Women - Reclaim These Streets

This incredible protest song, a collective single, is out today. All proceeds will go to Women's Aid

I am the editor and co-founder of Raw Meat. I am a woman, and to make matters even worse, I am a lesbian. I've been physically beaten (several times) for... having short hair and not being a man, basically.

I have been to hospital twice after being attacked by total strangers in the street. I have seen my male friends hospitalised when jumping to my defence. I can not list the number of times I've been verbally abused, feared for my safety or broken into a sprint on my way home. I wouldn't know where to start.

But what makes this particular article so easy to write in spite of itself, is that this wonderful thing - a thing as little and silly as a song - is so much bigger that itself. It's brilliant.

Cassie Fox

Reprehensible violence and politics aside, a relentless driving bass line and swaying guitar lines thunder over whipcrack drums, creating the bed for no less than 64 voices. A formidable choir. Quite literally strength in numbers.

Brix Smith

The song was written by Loud Women’s founder, Cassie Fox (also of Guttfull and I, Doris), with a rap break written and performed by Brix Smith (The Fall, Brix & the Extricated) that'll rattle your bones into battle mode. The band is a female and non-binary supergroup, starring members of pretty much anything good since the 90s, and the video was created by our own incredible contributor Kiera Anee. What Cassie and the Loud Women team have done is nothing short of incredible.

Jo, Patsy, Brix, Lilith, Miri, Charley, Cassie & Jen
Janey & Nadia
Lilith, Miri & Jo

Loud Women is a London-based promoter of female performers; I go to their gigs, I've played gigs for them, I listen to their playlists, I read their zine. But I don't think I had acknowledged the simple force of their brand name. It was an unexpected and incredible feeling typing the words, Loud Women - 'Reclaim These Streets'.

Ready for the roll call? Abby Werth, Amber (Hadda Be), Angela Martin (Bugeye), Bec Jevons (IDestroy), Caroline Gilchrist (Hot Sauce Pony), Charley Stone (Salad, occasionally Desperate Journalist), Debbie Googe (My Bloody Valentine, Snowpony, Primal Scream, Thurston Moore), Debbie Smith (Echobelly, Snowpony), Dungareen Jean, Elis Sarv (Noise Noir), Ella Patenall (Naz & Ella), Emily Eagle (The Pukes), Emma Sky (Slut Magic), Erika Severyns, Estella Adeyeri (Big Joanie)...

Jen Macro & Deb Googe

Gail Something-Else (Muddy Summers & the Dirty Field Whores), Gemma Cullingford (Sink Ya Teeth), Georgie Willsher (Beverley Kills), Gilan, Harriet Doveton (The Tuts, Colour me Wednesday), Helen McCookerybook, Holly Carter (Berries), Jade Ellins (DOLLS, Abjects), Janey Starling (Dream Nails), Jen Macro (Hurtling, My Bloody Valentine), Jo Bevan (Desperate Journalist), Joyce Raskin, Julie Riley (I Am HER), Karen (Hagar the Womb), Kat Five (Feral Five), Kel (The Empty Page)...

Patsy Stevenson

Kelly Chard (Noise Noir), Kimmi Watson (Sulk, Ich bin Finn), Kristina Stazaker, Lee Friese-Greene, Lilith Ai, Liz Hayward (Ode to Sleep), Lorna Tiefholz (Rabies Babies), Marijne van der Vlugt (Salad), Michelle Marti (Girls Rock Indiana), Minni Moody, MIRI, Molly Energi (Crack Foxes), Nadia Javed (The Tuts), Ngaire Ruth, Nicki Mirage (Brazen Hussy, KNM), Patsy Stevenson (who was photographed pinned to the ground by police officers at the vigil for Sarah Everard)...

Nadia, Lilith, Janey & Patsy

Paul Maps (Joyzine), Penfriend, Priya, Ren Aldridge (Petrol Girls), Ros Cairney (Deux Furieuses), Roshi Nasehi, Rowanna Chown, Sam McCann (Gender Chores), Shona MacMillan, Siân Alex (Gold Baby), Siobhan Fahey (fucking Banana-fucking-rama), Stevie B (T-Bitch), Suteki Hegg, The Pukes and Umbilica.

All images are by the wonderful Kiera Anee.



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