Raw Meat Presents #1

November 27, 2015
Santiagos, Leeds
Vicar Lane, LS1 6GP

Finally, Raw Meat Presents has landed in Leeds. Black Surf, Cop Graveyard, Tall Talker and Night Owls will play 27.11.15 at Santiagos, Vicar Lane, LS1 6GP.

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Raw Meat Presents #1


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Raw Meat Presents #1

Finally, Raw Meat Presents has landed in Leeds. Black Surf, Cop Graveyard, Tall Talker and Night Owls will play 27.11.15 at Santiagos, Vicar Lane, LS1 6GP.

Since one of the core members of the Raw Meat family moved up to Leeds earlier this year, it only feels right for us to truly embrace the diverse and growing music scene in West Yorkshire… and what better way to do that than by putting on our own gig; built from some of our favourite bands in Leeds, located in one of our favourite bars in Leeds. Winner, winner chicken dinner.

On Friday 27th November, our residency at the finest whiskey bar, Santiagos will begin. Doors open at 19.30 and the night kicks off at 20:00 with Yorkshire’s very own, Night Owls. Embracing the distinct Leeds punk sound, Night Owls harness the perfect mix of fuzz and melodies that will surely be a treat live.


Math rock, instrumental band Tall Talker will be next to manipulate their instruments into creating something truly mind-blowing. Probably the most distinct act on our line-up, this trio know no limits and follow no crowds. This will with no doubt be an intense and magical performance.


The excellently named Cop Graveyard are next on the bill, playing a solo performance that will mesmerise all those at Santiagos. Although a solo set will involve stripping back on the fast-paced, bedroom punk that makes Cop Graveyard so adorable, we’re more than confident that this set will remain as enchanting and energetic if the full band had been involved. Just listen to Shaking EP and you’ll realise why we’re so obsessed with Eliot’s relaxing and ambient post-punk.


If those bands aren’t enough to get you excited about Raw Meat Presents, then our headlining band certainly will. Black Surf are a band we’ve been fond of here at Raw Meat for a while now and we’re incredibly excited to have them headline our launch night AND have it as their single launch party. Boy, these guys are good to us. Single ‘Lights Out’ explains perfectly why we love these guys so much. Their soft 90’s rock makes them a band you can fall in love to, a band you can sing-along to, and a band you can rock out to. Black Surf are what’s missing in the industry today and we’re more than happy to introduce them to the pleasant folk in Leeds.


As you can probably tell, we’re very much excited about our first ever Raw Meat Presents at Santiagos and we’re sure to make it a night to remember. In between bands we’ll be doing our darndest DJ set, this time accompanied by Ant from Brawlers: cue some classics, some newbies, and probably some Taylor Swift. See you there.

Doors: 7.30pm

Night Owls: 8pm – 8.25pm

Tall Talker: 8.45 – 9.10pm

Cop Graveyard: 9.30 – 10pm

Black Surf: 10.15pm – 11pm

Raw Meat DJs till late.



Primavera 2022, somewhat of a bumper year. A double rollover. Plus the return to the midweek city-based shows, means things are bigger and better than ever.

A double rollover means the biggest festival to date, with not one weekend, not two weekends, but an additional midweek lineup to boot.

Last week already seems like a different age, full of carefree optimism.