The Clash: Live at Leeds 2015


The Clash is a new feature here at Raw Meat where we check out the bands that are playing at the same time at a festival and we make them fight.

The Clash: Live at Leeds 2015


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The Clash: Live at Leeds 2015

The Clash is a new feature here at Raw Meat where we check out the bands that are playing at the same time at a festival and we make them fight.

It’s all well and good having a great festival with loads of amazing acts, but, for those folk who are off to these wonderful festivals – they know it comes at a cost (and we’re not talking about the over-priced beers and/ or loss of dignity). Unfortunately, some of the acts that we love end up playing at the same time, meaning a decision needs to be made. This is where Raw Meat comes to the rescue. We’ve compiled a list of bands that are clashing at Live At Leeds and have instigated a fight to the death to see which contender is worthy of your time… sort of.

Round One: Jet Setter vs Dry The River

Rock n roll band, Jet Setter, will provide a blast from the past for those at Live at Leeds. Jet Setter intertwine charming indie pop hooks with rumbling drum patterns and strong, unwavering vocals; marking quite a force against the folk-rock band, Dry The River. But, DTR have the holy vocals flowing from frontman, Peter Liddle, and the tear-jerking guitars and keys from Matthew Taylor making it difficult for anyone to stand up against them. Since 2009, Dry The River have been unstoppable in harnessing honest and wholehearted emotion and putting it into their music, creating something truly enchanting. To ease you into the day, we think Dry The River, would be a more than appropriate band for the job.

WINNER: Dry The River


Round Two: Menace Beach vs Saint Raymond

At the beginning of the year, Menace Beach released their delightful debut, Ratworld. The Leeds five-piece easily encompass psych and shoegaze together, blasting a little bit of colour into this stagnant, decaying society. Notts singer songwriter, Saint Raymond, too has the capability to instill summer with his electric indie rock and after touring the UK and Europe last year as Ed Sheeran’s opening act, there’s no doubt that his infectious indie thrills will soon become a widespread pandemic. Nevertheless, Menace Beach’s tropical fuzzy sounds are all too spectacular to miss.

WINNER: Menace Beach 


Round Three: Hooton Tennis Club vs Dutch Uncles

Hooton Tennis Club are one of those hidden indie gems lurking in underground venues dying to be found. They’re also one of those bands with the sort of intriguing names that lure in the drunk and the bored. The same could be said for Dutch Uncles; they create polished, quirky, eighties influenced synth pop. They’re weird, exhilarating and bound to be an interesting live act.

WINNER: Dutch Uncles


Round Four: Bully vs The Computers

Describing themselves as “the saviours of soul, the heavy weight champions of rock n roll”; The Computers really have hit the nail on the head. Hailing from Exeter, the guys in The Computers have injected blues into their superb garage rock, making it that little bit more family friendly. Listening to their opposition, Nashville alt rock band, Bully is like taking a sip of fresh, cold orange juice in the morning; it’s refreshing, sweet but has that bitter kick to it to start the day off. Bully are vibrant, different and exciting. Recent release, ‘I Remember’ acts as a little taste of what's to come.



Round Five: MNEK vs Slaves

Ferocious garage punk duo, Slaves, will be tearing up the Brudenell Social Club. With the release of their debut album in May; maybe this year will be the year of Slaves. Facing opposition from arguably the most distant act from their genre, MNEK, who has been writing and producing tracks for the likes of Rudimental, Kylie Minogue and Bastille for four years. Now, MNEK is building up his own repertoire of electronic dance pop which will be filling the Belgrave Music Hall. However, as far as we're concerned, the all too familiar Ibiza sounds are no match to the filthy riffs, rants and raves emanating from Slaves. Not that we see these two stealing crowd members from each other much.

WINNER: Slaves


Round Six: Jagaara vs Arcane Roots

Jagaara are a female three-piece that ooze tranquility. The combination of electric percussion and synths build a sound that is truly sublime. Arcane Roots, on the other hand, flesh out the nine o’clock slot with their meaty riffs and full throttle, finger tap-soloing rock. For a genre that’s slowly becoming over-populated, Jagaara offer that opportunity for escape with their enchanting, trance-like music.

WINNER: Jagaara 


So there you have it. We're off to put a little towel round our necks and spit into a bucket.



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