Ex Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Bad For Lazarus, Pink Lizards (and more) suspects now go by Clever Thing.

Scab Hand are a new garage punk three-piece from Brighton. Hear their single 'Howl' here first.

Dream Wife have released the perfect song.

We'd take a trip with Aye Nako any day. This Brooklyn-based bunch of neerdowell's second full-length, Silver Haze is out 07/04/17 on Don Giovanni Records.

Most musicians are now aware of how corrupt the music industry is. Major record companies are corporate media conglomerates that behave like loan sharks, but with less ethics.

CHILDCARE’s urgent and addictive single ‘Kiss?’ has now got an equally charming visual accompaniment. It's art-pop played by punks.

Tempers' EP Fundamental Fantasy will be out 24/02/17 on The Vinyl Factory.

On their new single, 'Sorcerer', TONSTARTSSBANDHT are perhaps at their most accessible, despite the intimidating size of this nine-minute song.

Inspired by the infamous Calvin Klien campaign, Evvol's video for 'Comfort Fit' intends to confront how each of us understands and embodies comfort.

The soothing seventies melodies and beautifully sequinned shirts of Tennis’ ‘In The Morning I’ll Be Better’ video reminds us that everything, actually, will be alright.

Virgin Kids album Greasewheel is out now via Burger Records in the US and London favourites Fluffer Records in the UK.

Robbing Millions are a jazz improv psych band from Belgium. Their self-titled debut album is out now on [PIAS].

Melbourne quartet, Lowtide have shared another track from their upcoming self-titled debut LP, out 05/08/16 on Opposite Number.

The DAs are new. So new, in fact, that their first ever gig was only a few weeks ago, and they're already pumping out an acidic single.

Eagulls are at it again: see their exquisite new music video for 'Velvet' to remind yourself just how excellent this five-piece truly are.

Arrows of Love latest single, the appropriately venemous, ‘Toad’ is out on 27/05/16 via Handspun Records.

Little Grim are back with a brand new video for their latest single 'Sparks' and are bigger, better and bolder than before. 

The first track from Roseau's upcoming EP goes live today. Synths, suspense and the most sensitive use of distortion you'll ever hear.

With modern day Stone Roses vibes and a beachy super eight video to match, SULK are the band prepping our ears for Summer.

A music video is rarely surprising nowadays; almost every single has a video to accompany it, and the vast majority of artists issue a four-minute film that lacks any actual purpose.

After a small hiatus from frantically making music, Fat White Family are back. This time with shaved heads, hypnotic vocals, and camouflage for days.

‘The Noisy Days Are Over’ is the warming, infectious new single from Sunderland’s indie-rockers,

London-based psych rock trio, Desert Mountain Tribe, release video to accompany intriguing album taster track ‘Runway’.

Flourishing from three separate parts of America; Shannon and the Clams come together to create a treat for the eyes and ears with new single ‘It’s Too Late’.

Loaded with 90’s influences and a defiant edge to their sound; Wardance are turning heads for all the right reasons.

Grunge foursome, Dilly Dally, share surreal video for electrifying new single ‘Desire’.

Lyrically driven and electronically sensual, New York-based, Irish Sorcha Richardson's latest single 'Petrol Station' is direct, bare and incredible. 

Hailing from Brooklyn, Sunflower Bean are releasing their latest single on limited 7" and as a download. 'I Hear Voices' is out 24/07/15 on Fat Possum Records.

October Drift reveal video for haunting track 'Lost', B-side to their second single 'You Are, You Are'.

South London talents Phobophobes have created a beautiful concoction of trippy psychedelia and salient rock in newest release 'Make A Person'.

'Little Fun' is an awesome, catchy, autobiographical sample of what it is to be Theo Altieri. 

Table Scraps' second single from their upcoming debut album More Time For Strangers, is out next week. And we like it. The album itself is out 05/06/15.

With their debut album White Reaper Does It Again coming out 17.07.15 on Polyvinyl Records, these high-speed garage punk darlings have released another intense riff-filled gem.

London four piece Loaded have released a video for the first single of their upcoming EP, Solitude.

Paying tribute to the death of Emmett Till, a victim of extreme racism in the 1950's; Melody Gardot's soulful blues track acts as a timely reminder of the realities of prejudice.

Set in a school effected by the Cherbynol bombing, we follow one man coping in the aftermath. The desolation married with Fractures' haunting voice makes for an emotional experience.

The Travelling Band's new track is the kind of song you'd blare out of your car stereo after a beach day with your friends.

Latest release from the evilly cute Taffy sums them up pretty perfectly in its title, 'Suicidal Bunny'. Nasty, snarly, and fuzzy, but with a sweet little fluffy tail.

Kid Wave are upcoming, riff-busting and everything good about indie.

Nineties aesthetic is something that Desaparecidos' new track has in bucket loads. New album Payola is out 22/06/15 on Epitaph Records.

We want to make sure you're well educated in time for JUNK.'s Liquorice EP to come out on CHUD Records, 04/05/15, and for their Summer dates to kick off.

The Franklys single, 'Bad News' covers a well-documented topic we can all relate to: love rats. 

Communions are a Danish four-piece that write powerful pop songs full of reverberating drums and shimmering guitars. Their EP will be released 01/06/15 on Tough Love Records.

Demob Happy's garage-grunge-rock sound is often backed up by videos on a budget. It's interesting to see how far they can go with two fivers, a go-pro camera and a lot of fake blood.

Mysteries are what they say on the tin. As told in the dialogue of this arty silent-film style video, “they have no interest in revealing their identity, it's all about the music...”

Latest single 'Powerful Man' proves Hop Along's second album, Painted Shut, (02/05/15 via Saddle Creek) to be a record of overdrive, emotive raw vocals, and barbed catchy melodies.

'Florent' is the debut UK single from Belgian rock band, Raketkanon.

We're chuffed to bring you the new video for 'Running Gap' from Wolf Solent. His second EP, wisely entitled EP // 2 is out now on Sea Records.

If you don't know who Chastity Belt are then yes, you are late to the most awesome party, but don't worry! They're only just getting started.

Tearing it down from the outset, Bully drags all the violent joy of Be Your Own Pet into the intimacy and honesty of biographical song writers like Courtney Barnett. They're raw.

The Magic Gang's debut single 'No Fun' / 'Alright' is out today on Telharmonium Records. 

Spector release their second single since their astounding debut album Enjoy It While It Lasts (2012). 'All The Sad Young Men' is taken from their forthcoming second album.

Fever Dream's newest visual accompaniment is for 'Serotonin Hit', taken from their debut album, Moyamoya, out 27.04.15 on Club AC30.

Peluché's second single since singing to RIP Records is a jazzy, hip hop influenced lesson in layering, subtle dub, and the power of percussive melody. Out 06.04.15.

Having toured with Alt-J and Postal Service since the release of their debut album Into The Diamond Sun (2012), alternative pop trio Stealing Sheep are back...

Sheffield garage pop quartet Best Friends are superbly exciting in their first release from their new label FatCat Records, 'Shred Til You’re Dead'.

Alt-rockers, More Than Conquerors have that Northern Irish riff heavy, Idlewild influenced, vocal heights kind of sound.

Toronto's Alvvays release another gem from their self-titled album today, and so to mark the joyous occasion we bring you our single of the week, 'Party Police'.

Another Raw Meat exclusive for you; the wonderful Jet Setter have released this YouTube inspired video for their jittery and dance-able single 'Forget About It'. 

‘Don’t Wanna Lose’ is the latest single from Washinton DC trio Ex Hex, and they aren’t to be messed with.

Horsefight release animated video for new single, 'Adam & Eve'. Warning: contains nudity and sex scenes, but not in a hot way.

LA trio White Arrows have released an impressive video for an incredible song in the shape of 'Nobody Cares'. Out via Votiv on 09.03.15.

You have to call it indie pop, because calling I Am Harlequin just plain pop would detract from her credibility.

Chances are you already know Wolverhampton band, God Damn...

Brighton-based Early Ghost are a welcome addition to the very much alive current neo-psych scene. The six-piece provide us with succinct, memorable riffs and kaleidoscopic guitars.

The Charlatans' groovy track 'Come Home Baby', is almost psychedelic at times. Rewarding listeners old and new; this has got summer vibes written all over it.

Jackson Scott's first song from his new record, 'Pacify' is so dirty, so lo-fi, so sneakily thought-out, that you'll feel like you found a tape in a car park and took it home.

The Columbian, Canadian-based Kali Uchis has already gathered quite a lot of well-deserved attention, but her latest track 'Lottery' has completely blown us away.

London-based musician Dan Carney, otherwise known as Astronauts, will release new single 'In My Direction' with Lo Recordings, 19.01.15.

Drawing us all in to their fuzzy dream, ShirleySaid combine gentle guitar riffs with unrelenting synths and spaced-out vocal melodies.

Psychedelic dance pop, Fever The Ghost add musical originality to hypnotic visuals in this, the second music video for their debut, Crab In Honey (out now on Heavenly Recordings).

This sexy slice of Black Yaya's self-titled debut album (out 02.03.15 on City Slang) has completely blown away the January blues with its Californian hope.

Versatile, longstanding and really fucking powerful; Kind of Like Spitting have been around for nineteen years (sort of).

In medical terms, hookworms are parasitic nematodes that live in the small intestines of its host, that could be anything from you and I, to your pet dog.

The Wytches new single 'Weights and Ties' is out today on Heavenly Recordings, and it's got us feeling all emotional.

From the outset, Hanni El Khatib's 'Moonlight', the title track from his album (released 19.01.15 on Innovative Leisure), grabs your attention. It's rock n roll with a hip hop heart.

British rockers, Red House Glory, release sinister music video for the mighty ‘Living A Lie’. Their EP (also called Living A Lie) is out now.

Londoners Cash+David have released their new single, 'Bones' today on their own label, named +.

Is this a music video? Not really, but Eaves is a musician that renders me speechless.

December's first SOTW is the gentle giant of a tune, 'Join Hands'. It's indie-pop at its best and most interesting. Twin Hidden are digitally releasing the track today.

Songhoy Blues have got something special. When riffs from Led Zeppelin's blues rock are combined with African rhythms and catchy melodies, I think you can say you're on to a winner.

According to Deers' press release, this is a video of “Tim, Mark, Brendon and Cole playing ‘Castigadas En El Granero’ from Deers." 

Brooklyn 5-piece, Corbu release their amazing new track, 'Promise Me' today through 3Beat. And the music video they've released along with it is simply beautiful.

The catchy R&B-ish pop from Moscow's Mana Island has a tropical vibe that will keep you toasty in the chilly UK (or in freezing Russia).

Alvvays make the kind of slack-founded dream pop that drives us absolutely wild.

Tigercub's new single, 'Centrefold' is the very first release on Blood Red Shoes' new label Jazz Life.

New UK / French retro-repro flower punk band Bosco Rogers have given us their debut track, 'The Middle'.

The Wands' debut album, The Dawn is out 24.11.14 and their European tour begins today in London.

Turbowolf release 'Rabbits Foot' video and by the power of grey skull is it freakishly delicious.

F.U.R.S' new single is out today! It's dreamy, beautiful and has hints of Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the riff to vocal ratio. 

Nottingham’s answer to nineties Seattle, Kagoule have released their latest single, ‘It Knows It’ with a psychedelic video that sees the band embark in an MTV/ TOTP mockery.

Brothers from Leicester, Lusts create woozey, relentless, rhythm led, modern new wave. As yet unsigned, these guys are pretty difficult to find online, so we're bringing them to you.

Grumbling Fur's new single, 'Lightinsisters' (featuring Tim Burgess) will be out 17.11.14 on The Quietus Phonographic Corporation.

Escapists' new single, 'Faraday Cage' will be out 24.11.14. This is their first hint at there being a second album in the pipeline.

Cristobal & The Sea have are modern hippies to the core. With a beautiful spirit in their music, you can hear the bohemian vibes and recorded spontaneity in every note.

Something truly unique is going on with Peterborough's newest exports Blonde Bunny. ‘While We’re Sleeping’ is out 03.11.14 on a limited run of cassettes.

The indie rock scene is overloaded with bands like Purple: sassy, scuzzy, bluesy, grungy... So what makes Purple different?

Demob Happy were born in Newcastle, hail from Brighton and debut 'Suffer You', with a video as spaced out as the double-tracked vocals.

Animal House recently made the logical decision to move from Brisbane, Australia to Brighton, England. Their loss is our gain. Debut single ‘Sour’, is out 2010.14.

Menace Beach's video for 'Tennis Court' was directed by Tom Hudson of Pulled Apart By Horses. The double A-side 'Tennis Court / lowtalkin' is out now on Memphis Industries.