I’m sure at this point you’re familiar with Warmduscher. We caught up with the mustachioed maestro, Clams, himself.

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, gaffa taped to a puzzle with questions written on it in crayon. You get the idea. Who is Marlon Bianco? I asked the man himself.

If Sabbath is God, then does that make Fuzz Jesus? Duncan Clark works it out with multi-instrumentalist Charles Moothart; the bad penny of every psych garage band you already love.

A band that started as a joke and supported Ty Segal off just four singles; Duncan Clark finds out which members of the un-pigeonhole-able Los Bitchos would bang Travis Barker.

Ghost Town Remedy provide an unashamedly guilt-free, riff-filled, blissful tonic to the eternal drudge of 2020.

Primitive Ignorant speak with John Clay of Clark Kent's Rock and Roll Revue about glamour, Brett Anderson and finding one's identity through the wearing and discarding of disguises.

It’s a cloudy afternoon in Reading, but Izzie Dyer’s chance to chat with up and coming local duo Air Circus brightens the day.

Nestled in a corner of a busy Friday night pub near Russel Square, Finn D'Albert sat with four men in black.

Finn D'Albert managed to grab some screen time with Raw Meat's post-punk heroinnes, Madonnatron ahead of their seasonally-appropriate headline show this Saturday in East London.

Brain-tickling lyrics and pure rock power, Coltana is the latest evolution of writing duo Cat and Blake.

Kim Simmons caught up with The Faim (previously Small Town Heroes) ahead of their performance at Slam Dunk Festival 2018.

“You guys have been really lovely to us in the past. I’m glad you’re liking what we’re putting out. I’m glad we’re still doing you proud.”

Artist Russell Taysom has briefly opened the Pandora's box of his mind to answer a few questions for us on his work.

Our snapper Chris Patmore spoke with Pierre in London, about his music, the upcoming festival, and living in Montreal.

We're going to Bestival this Summer and Skinny Girl Diet are playing Bestival this Summer. We have so much in common.

Tim Mobbs spoke to Menace Beach at Hare & Hounds in Birmingham just before the third show in their 15-date tour.

Before we see them play LeeFest at the end of the month, we asked previous SOTW-band Peluché what the hell they're all about.

If there's one thing that Raw Meat loves, it's a good ol' DIY organisation. Which is exactly why we spoke to Tony Ereira from Come Play With Me singles club.

Raw Meat's Emily Pilbeam chatted to our headliners, Dinosaur Pile Up at the Raw Meat All-Dayer in Leeds 27/03/16.

Raw Meat's Emily Pilbeam chatted to Fizzy Blood at the Raw Meat All-Dayer in Leeds 27/03/16.

Raw Meat's Finn D'Albert chatted to Press To Meco at The Raw Meat All-Dayer in Leeds 27/03/16.

We were so excited by Vulgarians' set at the Raw Meat All-Dayer that we dragged them off to chat to our editor, Finn, almost before they were off the stage. 

Emily Pilbeam sat down with Jack Bennett, otherwise known as Grumble Bee, after his grizzly set at our all-dayer in Leeds last month.

Ahead of their appearance at 2000 Trees, The Lion and the Wolf (Thomas George) had a chat with us about the dreaded singer-songwriter tagline, going it alone, and Def Leppard.

New York natives MisterWives have arrived in London for their very first headline UK show.

We're hitting Camden Town's doom and stoner rock festival Desertfest, so Finn D'Albert spoke to the festival's band booker Reece Tee about how he goes about choosing who's who.

Sat upstairs in Camden’s Lock Tavern, Finn met the team from Fluffer.

Garage punk band, Dedwardians, ended our night at Nightmare. It turns out Dedwardians consist of just the right amount of different genres.

Dan Wilson, nineties guitar-pop legend, speaks to our editor about writing songs for other people, why he writes songs at all, and working with Carole King.

Wild Smiles' Chris, spoke to us fresh off the back of the band's gigs in Germany and slot at Bestival. Their debut album Always Tomorrow is out 27.10.14 on Sunday Best Recordings.

This Brazilian hip hop/ baile funk trio have released their second mixtape Nossa Gang (Our Gang) and it's filthy good. We spoke about where they come from and where they're going.

We spoke to Sam and Charlie of Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs at our launch a few months ago. They gave us a hint as to what their new album won't sound like.

We interviewed friend and member of the Raw Meat team, Darren Parker. It was both more difficult and far more rewarding than expected.

In between selling records and drinking beers, the guys from Lion Coffee and Records spoke to me about what that is, what it does and why it does it.

Brighton three-piece Spit Shake Sisters play a messy blend of garage and psych, evoking Ty Seagall as much as the Stooges in their reverb-drenched, lo-fi sound.

Raw Meat's Emily Pilbeam spoke to Nathan Day from Darlia; the band you can catch everywhere this Summer.

After we confirmed our admiration/ obsession with Happyness' Weird Little Birthday in our review of the record, the band kindly agreed to answer a few of our burning questions.

We spoke to Thom and Ash from God Damn about toilet erotica and what they love about the current music scene.

We chat to Thief's PJ Wolf about The Great Escape, his plans for 2014 and the promising future of Australian electronic music.