Moon Duo - Occult Architecture


A monstrous amalgamation of ruthless, hypnotic psychedelia, this record isn’t one to miss out on.

Moon Duo - Occult Architecture


via Sacred Bones

release date

February 3, 2017

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Moon Duo - Occult Architecture

A monstrous amalgamation of ruthless, hypnotic psychedelia, this record isn’t one to miss out on.

Oregon-hailing Moon Duo are set to release the first of two volumes that make up their fourth studio album, Occult Architecture. Split albums are more often than not a controversial move; the subtext of any pretentious overtone seems to be suspiciously acquisitive. However, Moon Duo skilfully cast off any such assumptions across the duration of the first volume. The concept at hand is the harmonious partnership between Yin and Yang, with this half of the LP being reflective of the cold, dark energies possessed by Yin.

Recently released single ‘Cold Fear’ totally embodies the sinister vibe echoed throughout Volume 1. Jarring, reverberating strings layered with hypnotic vocals moulds eerily vivid imagery instantly. Opening track ‘The Death Set’ has a similarly heavy feel, plus a more warped aspect. Awesomely textured lengthy instrumentations punctuated by a solid hook make for an instant draw into the first offering from Moon Duo’s latest record.


Moon Duo are still able to show their versatility even under the umbrella of Yin with ‘Creepin’’. The track maintains the menacing mood, but significantly picks up the pace over the solid bass line. Sixth comes the album’s top track, ‘Will Of The Devil’. The background instrumentation feels reminiscent of the pioneer gothic movement in its sharp, addictive nature, but is fleshed out with distortions in the classic style of the twosome.


Details of Volume 2 will be coming over the next few months, until then you can see Moon Duo on their March/ April UK tour:

15/03/17 - Newcastle, UK @ Northumbria University
16/03/17 - Manchester, UK @ Band On The Wall
17/03/17 - London, UK @ Heaven
06/04/17 - Brighton, UK @ The Haunt
07/04/17 - Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club
08/04/17 - Glasgow, UK @ Stereo



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