Album Review


Four-piece from Brighton, Black Honey unleash their second album via Foxfive Records.

Ghostpoet returns to the fold with a weary voice and an ominous tone throughout.

Run the Jewels come in swinging with their fourth instalment RTJ4, a potent protest of an album taking a knee against systematic racism and the government elite.

Sex Cells are comfortably a lawlessness unto themselves and debut album, That's Life cements the fact.

Three years after critically acclaimed narrative masterpiece, The Party, Andy Shauf has returned with an eleven-chaptered tale of tired fondness and a spent relationship.

One of the most prolific bands of late, KGLW release their second album of 2019; Infest the Rats’ Nest embraces the intensity of thrash metal, combining it with an apocalyptic threat

It’ll make you cry, it’ll make you laugh… actually, it’ll just make you cry. The Murder Capital don’t mess about. Our Izzie Dyer was completely taken aback by this debut.

Ty Segall ventures to new musical shores with his latest endeavour First Taste, giving us something we didn't even know we wanted till we heard it.

Following a turbulent year, Julia Shapiro was determined to regain control. Perfect Vision is the result.

Steve Lacy comes on strong with his debut album Apollo XXI, delivering the soundtrack to our summer with his dreamy blend of alternative R&B and lo-fi indie pop.

Extraterrestrial easy-listening: the debut album we’ve been waiting for from Trudy and the Romance.

Last night two of us went to Tayne’s debut album launch.

Prepare yourself to become a member of The Vryll Society, joining them in venturing through the psych-infused portals of their debut record.

A Laughing Death in Meatspace could be the soundtrack to your anxiety – mangled nursery rhymes for the year 2018.

Feeling gloomy about 2018 so far? The Orielles are here to reassure us with their debut record that the future (of music, at least) is bright, and most importantly, safe.

Mike Sutton leads us through rambling fields and a mishmash of genres on the new Calexico record.

Enigmatic producer Petit Biscuit sprinkles the ‘Sunset Lover’ magic across his first full-length, packed full of hits and misses

Trippy, heavy and awesome; this is psychedelic darlings Beaches’ third album, Second Of Spring.

What hails from Denmark, is sweeter-than-sweet, and never disappoints? If you said Copenhagen trio Baby In Vain (and not pastry), congratulations! You’re on our wavelength.

Broken Social Scene, it’s been a while.

Royal Blood return with a crash and a bang as second album How Did We Get So Dark? oozes unabashed swagger.

Despite professional and personal heartache The Drums are stronger and more electric than ever with fourth LP Abysmal Thoughts.

Six years in the making, Feist’s Pleasure could be called a tangent. If not the result of a reset-button push on a two-decade music career, and you should hear it.

Real Estate return with two new members and fourth album, In Mind, yet again providing their unique blend of comfortable, familiar dream pop.

The husband-and-wife duo’s fourth album bears witness to evolution and, in some instances, the lack thereof: in the band, in the industry,and in their music as an art form.

Nine tracks of an addictively convulsive style of garage/psychedelic rock, we have not been disappointed.

Classic, alluring vocals matched with ten tracks of dreamy, lonely love songs. The enchanting debut album from American singer-songwriter Molly Burch.

The name, Meg Duffy, might be on the tip of everyone's tongue right now, but Wildly Idle will put Hand Habits on the list of acts to follow in 2017.

A monstrous amalgamation of ruthless, hypnotic psychedelia, this record isn’t one to miss out on.

Lemon Memory is the sound of a band battling not just against a mysterious citric-based hex, but the challenge of going beyond safe yet satisfying fuzz-pop.

Rennen sees multi-talented musician, songwriter, producer and glitchy R&B purveyor SOHN return to basics in his own intricate and unique way.

The xx make their grand return with I See You, and it’s a far greater return than you might expect.

Despite their seemingly happy disposition, Canada is a country that likes to produce bands who haven’t quite found the end of the rainbow and tend to wear their sunglasses at night.

Raw Meat would like to offer their thanks to Sundara Karma for single-handedly ensuring 2017 starts as we'd like it to go on.

Berlin-based electronic artist Still Parade, aka Niklas Kramer, is releasing his debut album Concrete Vision.

Eighth album down the line and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard's Nonagon Infinity is absolutely ridiculous, in the best way possible.

Guerilla by name, guerilla by nature; the new album from Guerilla Toss, Eraser Stargazer, is excellent, eerie, and ear-splitting.

Never a band to drastically reinvent themselves, we hear only a few seconds of Sonic Youthian screeches before The Thermals retreat to their tried and true power- chord pop-punk.

After a short string of excellent homemade EP’s, John Lutkevich offers his first full-length, The Light, on two of Boston’s finest labels: Disposable America and Exploding in Sound.

What went on in the 1990s? Well, the internet; Nelson Mandela was released; Toy Story (and Toy Story 2); oh, and the formation of a lovely little band named Nada Surf over in NYC.

Just four years young, Norway's Electric Eye return with smashing second record, Different Sun, released via Jansen Plateproduksjon, 05/02/16. 

Little more than two years after their formation, London four-piece Telegram are set to release their debut LP, Operator. 

As the band turns three, Love Buzzard are finally releasing their debut album, Antifistamines via 1-2-3-4 Records, 12/02/16.

Fat White Family are quite the band: after the release of their debut album, Champagne Holocaust, back in 2013, the psych noise-rockers have been labelled as fascists and Stalinists.

Art Angels marks the eagerly awaited return of Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Claire Elise Boucher, better known as her stage name Grimes.

With their 2016 tour dates just announced, we look back at alt rock band, Nothing But Thieves’ glorious self-titled album.

As their UK tour comes to a close, we examine That’s The Spirit and how it unravels a new path for ex-metalers, Bring Me The Horizon.

Caballo Negro is the debut album from Sudakistan, who can confidently be branded the best psych/ garage-punk band in the world today.

East London four-piece, The Bohicas, bring back sultry rock n roll with their exquisite début album, The Making Of, released 21.08.15 via Domino Records.

Gun Outfit have recently signed to Paradise of Bachelors, and Dream All Over serves as their début release on the North Carolina label, out now.

Brooklyn duo Widowspeak have returned with the release of their delightful third LP All Yours. 

Hard-core noise punk band, Blacklisters, release mind-blowing second album Adult 18.09.15 via Smalltown America.

Alt rock trio, Dinosaur Pile Up, prove that three is the magic number with their third album Eleven Eleven, released 16.10.15 via So Recordings.

Soften the post-summer festival blues with Jacuzzi Boys, crystal gem EP, Happy Damage, released on 25.09.15 via Mag Mag Records.

London four-piece Spector are back with the follow-up to their top 20 debut LP.  A significant shift in the genre of the record that the band are putting out.

Virginia Wing's Measures of Joy is being re-released, complete with extra tracks 'Donna’s Gift' and 'Rit Rit Rit'.

The enigma that is Nordic Giants, have released their astonishing debut album, A Séance of Dark Delusions.

IS TROPICAL’s new album Black Anything is being released in five parts, across five continents. This is second installment, 'Cruise Control' / 'Say'.

It takes a lot to be heard over the noisy glut of excellent bands in Philadelphia. Luckily for a band like Hop Along, Francis Quinlan’s urgent yelp does the trick.

“RIYL” is typically used to to compare one band’s sound to another.

Swedish duo Death And Vanilla are nigh on impossible to fit to one genre with such an eclectic array of influences; from krautrock to psychedelia, and many others in between. 

The term genius is thrown around a lot (to the extent that this sentence itself has become a cliché), but Tyler, The Creator is pretty close. At least if we take his word for it.

In the spirit of “New York above all” hip-hop heads, I’m going to kick off this review with an indefensible opinion stated as if it were incontrovertible fact.

The Districts put their best foot forward with less-fizz-more-scratch guitars, and a flattering, distant lo-fi distortion a la The Strokes' Is This It.

The Mountain Goats have released a new album.

The mighty Bristol rockers, Turbowolf, team up with the unstoppable Tom Dalgety to produce a mind-blowing follow up to their debut album. The wait is over for Two Hands.

The Go! Team's latest release (and its first in four years), The Scene Between is out now, they've also announced a summer UK tour.

Leeds band Brawlers release their debut Romantic Errors of Our Youth, and prove that bands can still make creative and innovative punk rock.

Queens native Action Bronson has long been heralded as the saviour that hip-hop needs. 

IS TROPICAL's new album Black Anything is being released in five parts, across five continents, and so far it's all pretty awesome. 

The evening of Friday the 13th saw the live release of Sir Vices, the long anticipated debut album by Charles Howl, (Ample Play Records).

Ontario, Canada’s The Elwins follow up a large worldwide tour with infectious indie rock from their new album Play For Keeps, out now on Affairs Of The Heart.

New Cross three-piece Crushed Beaks release 10 track debut Scatter via Matilda Records. Read on for Raw Meat's verdict.

After recording with Justin Pizzoferrato who’s previously worked with the likes of Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth, Krill release their revolutionary A Distant Fist Unclenching.

Denver resident, Esmé Patterson’s new release Woman To Woman - out yesterday on Xtra Mile Recordings - could loosely be described as a concept album.

After three years in the making, Hawk Eyes have finally released follow up to their debut, Modern Bodies, with the mind-melting Everything Is Fine.

Indie pop band Tigercats release their stunning debut Mysteries 02.02.15 via Fortuna POP!

Underdog Polaris Award-winning Tanya Tagaq’s fourth album is finally getting a European release.

Love Buzzard grab your ankles, instantly bouncing them to their beat, it takes less than thirty seconds of this EP to get a feel for them. Love Buzzard is out now on Fluffer Records.

Indie rock band Desperate Journalist release their self-titled DIY debut album via Fierce Panda 26.1.15.

The fourth release of award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan and he’s found the point between indie rock, folk and foggy acoustic that he was destined to bring to light.

After releasing single after single, the Leeds five-piece, Menace Beach, finally release the utopian Ratworld on 19.1.15 via Memphis Records.

New project courtesy of Cedric Bixlar-Zavala and Omar Rodrigues-Lopez (At The Drive In and Mars Volta), Antemasque. Featuring Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

Australian alt rockers, Linch, reveal their somewhat familiar debut album Lugubrious. Out now via Ditto Music.

Wampire leisurely stroll a thin line between the realms of genius and madness, often plodding into sheer silliness on the way.

Full of ferocious punk rock and random weirdness; check out The Amsterdam Red Light District’s (TARLD) debut album Gone For A While.

Alt rock trio from Winchester, Wild Smiles, just released their debut album, recorded and produced by vocalist Chris Peden; get ready for some thrilling and fun-filled music.

Get ready for an earth-shattering third album from The Xcerts, There Is Only You is out 03.11.14 via Raygun Records.

Grant McNeill laments the loss of LCD Soundsystem and looks at the mixed bag of Museum of Love.

This all girl rock band recorded their smashing debut Rips in the spring of 2014 within the space of just two weeks and it's set for release 13.10.14 on Merge Records.

Worship The Sun is the second album from the LA-based, Allah-Las. Out now on Innovative Leisure.

Stoner rock band, Black Moth released their somewhat disappointing second album Condemned to Hope, produced by Jim Sclavunos, via New Heavy Sounds on 15.09.14.

New record, Weirdon, from Purling Hiss is a two headed beast that will have each head gnawing at your ankles for attention. 

Experimental dark folk with electronic and psychedelic influences doesn’t make much sense, but Delta Sands, Opal Onyx’s debut album is mesmerising in its ambiguity.

A decade old idea, recorded in 5 years, featuring a menagerie of musicians from the likes of Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Suckers, Dirty Projectors and many more.

Steinbrink’s voice brings to mind the California sound of the summer of love and also, strangely, a hint of Hot Chip front man Alexis Taylor. Which is no bad thing.

Fuelled with shouty vocals, heavy drumming and infectious riffs; Thom Bowden’s debut album, Searching The Brittle Light, is everything any punk rocker wants.

Debut album, Everything Infinite is retro psych-pop from LA-based, Australian producers-turned-creatives, Wunder Wunder.

Latest release, International, from Copenhagen’s Lust For Youth is 100% eighties synth pop. If you like eighties synth pop, this is your new favourite record.

The only thing wrong with the debut album from Happyness is that you have to go to to stream it. I would recommend buying it when it's out, 16.06.14 on Weird Smiling.