The Coathangers @ the Shacklewell Arms | 15/11/14


Seeing Abjects, Skinny Girl Diet and The Coathangers was a life affirming and punk replenishing experience.

The Coathangers @ the Shacklewell Arms | 15/11/14


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The Coathangers @ the Shacklewell Arms | 15/11/14

Seeing Abjects, Skinny Girl Diet and The Coathangers was a life affirming and punk replenishing experience.

Support for The Coathangers came in the form of Tess Parks, Abjects and Skinny Girl Diet, which made for an amazing evening of psych, punk, psych punk and garage music. I was in heaven.

Opening with what was probably the least threatening act of the evening; Tess Parks plays the psychedelic flower girl with ease. Lyrically intimate while remaining completely cryptic, she was nothing short of hypnotic. Abjects absolutely nail the flower punk vibe. Their tunes are rock solid, ranging from Cramps creepiness to Commanches riffs.


You might already know that we at Raw Meat are massive Skinny Girl Diet fans, and their performance at the Shacklewell did not disappoint. Always amazing live, the girls blared out their set with composure and sly glances. Every time I see these guys they just get better and better. I can't wait to see what their 2015 brings.

All the way from Atlanta, Georgia, The Coathangers played an incredible show. The songs are fast, punchy and powerful, the band tick all the punk rock boxes and the performance was the exact right amount of unhinged. You can't help but fall in love with a band like this; with shitness and brilliance in equal parts, they're so much fun. The vocal duties are divided between all three, with drummer Stephanie Luke and guitarist Julia Kugel taking the leads. The reckless riffs come from a classic "can't play, don't care" background that has since developed into an original, simple style. Simple like how a grenade goes 'bang'. Just f*cking brilliant. Seriously.

Other than the incredible bands, an important thing I took away from my evening was that Bad Vibrations definitely know how to put on a f*cking good night. Good promoters don't grow on trees so please take note.


You can still catch the rest of Coathangers' tour in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland or Italy.



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