The Orielles @ Facebar, Reading | 20/02/19


A year on from their stunning debut album Silver Dollar Moment, the magnificent Orielles are touring the UK with their stunning indie disco tunes.

The Orielles @ Facebar, Reading | 20/02/19


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The Orielles @ Facebar, Reading | 20/02/19

A year on from their stunning debut album Silver Dollar Moment, the magnificent Orielles are touring the UK with their stunning indie disco tunes.

Opening the set with a douse of their friendly Yorkshire banter and track ‘Old Stuff, New Glass’, the Orielles effortlessly coerce the midweek Reading crowd into falling for them in all their vivacious, warped excellence. The four-piece proceed to transition into ‘48 Percent’, another album favourite; fast-paced, feel-good and with an enchanting hook, the Orielles are going from strength to strength.

‘Liminal Spaces’ gives us time to breathe as the band take it down a notch with a slower track. Esmé Hand-Halford’s gorgeous vocals really have their time to shine here as they take to the forefront of the music, before the track segue into a funk-filled instrumental breakdown.

The highlight of the set is absolutely ‘Let Your Dogtooth Grow’. The crowd are thrilled straight from the unmistakable opening riff; it’s an irresistibly dreamy concoction of a punchy chorus and twinkling guitars. It’s a pretty special scene to see the audience basking under the venue’s shimmering disco ball.

Speaking of disco, penultimate track of the set is ode to sisters Esmé and Sidonie’s cat, ‘Bobbi’s Second World’. A glorious patchwork of electro-pop, surfing indie and even cowbells, it’s nigh on impossible to listen to without getting a groove on.

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Intermittent calls for ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ have punctuated the set so far, and it closes the night in perfect fashion. If this track has managed to pass anyone by, your number one priority should be to go and check it out ASAP (and if you’ve heard it before, you’ll want to listen again just thinking about it). An experimental, kaleidoscopic rollercoaster of a track, it is the most pertinent showcase of the Orielles’ ingenuity.

The Orielles have more than proved that they are a force to be reckoned with, both on record and in performance. Don’t be deceived by their youth - the Orielles are masters of their craft and fabulously creative (who knew whistles could be utilised in such a way that didn’t bring back secondary school PE trauma?).

There’s still time for you to catch the Orielles on the remainder of their UK tour at the following dates:

24/02 - Exchange, Bristol
26/02 - The Crescent, York
27/02 - The Welly, Hull
28/02 - The Waterfront Studio, Norwich
01/03 - Esquires, Bedford
03/03 - Bullingdon, Oxford



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