Thunderpussy - Torpedo Love


This isn't their most recent single. It isn't even their most recent video. But I cannot let this track go un-shared for another moment.

Thunderpussy - Torpedo Love


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Thunderpussy - Torpedo Love

This isn't their most recent single. It isn't even their most recent video. But I cannot let this track go un-shared for another moment.

I hadn't heard of Thunderpussy before being sent their debut album. And it didn't take a lot of research to see that I was very late to the party. But all the best stuff happens after midnight, and what a f*cking party.


Standing on the shoulders of classic and glam rock giants, Thunderpussy should, on paper, do absolutely nothing for me. But there is something about them that I just can't shake. 

The vocals (Molly Sides) are hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck powerful with the effortless presence of Florence Welsh (if she still had the early 'Kiss From A Fist' sense of humour); and the simultaneously in your face and understated guitar lines (courtesy of Whitney Petty) manage to put a genuinely imaginative spin on everything you expect from a Les Paul-toting rock band, delivering blistering solos over unexpected chord progressions in PHD-level voicings - [I could go on. In fact if you want to meet up just to chat about Petty's guitar playing and what I think her rig & set up is, based on the album, I'm all in.

The basslines are straight from Seattle, literally and musically. The whole band are actually from Seattle, but in particular Leah Julius' bass riffs joyfully dance between Petty's guitars with effects-drenched harmonies and Ruby Dunphy's shuffled, trip wire beats with solid four-to-the-floor thudding grunge force. Drummer Dunphy straddles all the rock n roll tropes, reimagining them with added punk rage, jazzy footwork, and stadium-level flare fills.


I'll stop. You get the idea.

The reason I chose 'Torpedo Love' in particular is purely for the abandoned nuclear plant video. Although great, and with their place, I don't think their press photos and high production value videos show their natural musicianship, the bond of the band, or that they're actually real. They're real and they're f*cking great.

Featured image by Jake Clifford.



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