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Finn D'Albert

'Crazy Again' means that after a mere eleven years, it's time to fall in love with Gossip again.

Krush Puppies' latest medieval-tinged murder ballad is a grubby, fuzzy attention-grabber.

This incredible protest song, a collective single, is out today. All proceeds will go to Women's Aid

Gold Baby's latest release is a much-needed romantic dream-pop romp. We asked them a few burning questions to get inside that big sexy gold baby brain.

Ghost Town Remedy provide an unashamedly guilt-free, riff-filled, blissful tonic to the eternal drudge of 2020.

Psychedelic garage rock that retains a sense of lo-fi silliness. I mean... how could we not?

Multi-lingual rage-induced-post-pop from Newcastle-based trio, ‘Vultures’ is out today.

Our slow burning love affair with high-energy punk rock peddling, The OBGMs has finally lead to us popping the question(s).


Pure unadulterated joy from Fantasy Non Fiction on their latest single, indie-crunch love song 'Strange Effect'.

The latest single from Stephen EvEns, 'Dustbin Man' is a janky tale of respect for the many currently keeping the world ticking over.

Sex Cells are comfortably a lawlessness unto themselves and debut album, That's Life cements the fact.

Brighton three-piece, Something Leather are poised to release their debut EP Midnight Reverie, filled with anxiety, darkness and psychedelic rock through a modern lens.

We saw the incredible Molchat Doma in London as part of their Storm Over Europe Tour Part II, which (with almost every show sold out) saw them doing exactly that.

Three of the sweetest faces we've ever seen hide garage vocals, indie pop riffs and shit loads of fun - none of which is nearly as sugar-coated as these 20-somethings might look.

Nestled in a corner of a busy Friday night pub near Russel Square, Finn D'Albert sat with four men in black.

Hannah and Clara blew my tiny mind when I first saw them live. I jumped on them before they'd even left the stage and practically begged them to answer the ultimate questions...

The first person to guess what this song is about gets to watch the video before anyone else, right here.

Press Club are absolutely incredible and we're lucky to bear witness to their irrepressible rise.

Hypnosister is the latest project from Allusondrugs songwriter, Damian Hughes. We just about managed to hop on the right frequencies to find out what on earth he's up to.

Projector's debut EP is out this week (09/11/18) via the old boys at Roadkill Records, and it's already making waves.

How many kids from Leeds does it take to make a stone-cold killer track? Six.

Spielbergs have been on our radar for a while, and they don't seem to be slowing down for anyone.

Finn D'Albert managed to grab some screen time with Raw Meat's post-punk heroinnes, Madonnatron ahead of their seasonally-appropriate headline show this Saturday in East London.

Last night two of us went to Tayne’s debut album launch.

We don't know much about theatre, so we're calling in the experts.

Brain-tickling lyrics and pure rock power, Coltana is the latest evolution of writing duo Cat and Blake.

Send in the clowns, it's that time of year again.

As far as the all-dayer inner-city mini-festival experience goes, we’re pretty smitten with Festival Republic’s Community Festival; returning to Finsbury Park in a mere month's time.

This isn't their most recent single. It isn't even their most recent video. But I cannot let this track go un-shared for another moment.

Paranoid, jaded, angry and loud. Okay Champ's debut single embodies everything we hold dear to our cold, black hearts.

To celebrate the launch of their second compilation cassette, Roadkill Records are throwing an all-singing, all-dancing, all-day extravaganza.

When the same band are recommended to you three times in a week it's pretty clear that you're not the only one that has fallen under Thyla's spell.

‘Algorithm Prison’ is the latest track from the Walthamstow four-piece. Hear it here first.

They're Irish, they're ladies, their EP is out now. And we like them. A lot.

Teen Creeps are neither teens nor creeps and so we weren't at all unsettled by their answers to the questions that we ask everyone.

Our boy Height Keech has a new album coming out and it's a killer. Have the first listen to the second track from this latest record.

Stranges Cages' new dictionary-grabbing single is out 16/02/18 on Vallance Records.

New favourites Sweat Threats are releasing their second single just in time for us all the get that smashy Friday feeling.

We like Frauds so much that we might have to steal their motto as our own, “We take the music seriously but we don't take ourselves seriously."

The obesely talented Big & The Fat have dished out a premiere of their latest track, 'Crack Crack' ahead of a limited edition vinyl release in March.

It's not the first Roadkill of the new year, and it's not our first 2018 DJ set either. What it most certainly is, is the only way to kiss Dry January goodbye.

Pip Blom have just released a video for their single 'School', the AA-side to the excellent ‘Babies Are A Lie’. To celebrate we asked them the questions that really matter.

The Coronet stage has been graced by the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Justin Timberlike in the last 138 years. Last Friday night fell somewhere between the two.

“You guys have been really lovely to us in the past. I’m glad you’re liking what we’re putting out. I’m glad we’re still doing you proud.”

What the hell kind of band has a documentary made about them before their debut album is even out? Politically enraged and youthfully hopeful, Cassels. That's fucking what.

The Go! Team are back (did they ever go?) and they're making us feel a strange and long-forgotten sensation. Is... is this happiness?

Serving your Halloween plans to you on a platter. Dress to distress.

Scab Hand have an EP coming out in November and we've got the first track n' vid from it.

Even if you wouldn't call yourself a blues fan, this trio's brand of blues is so filthy, dark and underground-dirty that it can't help but leave a film on your teeth.

Artist Russell Taysom has briefly opened the Pandora's box of his mind to answer a few questions for us on his work.

No-one is immune to Common Holly's charms. Latest single, 'If After All' twists in the wind and sticks in your throat.

As the weather is currently making London look like wet newspaper, we’re gazing longingly into the future at the (fingers crossed) Indian Summer of Bestival 2017.

TRASH have shared their latest track '81', and because we just can't get enough of their clattering dream riffs, we thought we'd get to know them better.

Fresh back from Glasto we pinned Atlas Wynd down to ask them a few questions.

We're going to Bestival this Summer and Skinny Girl Diet are playing Bestival this Summer. We have so much in common.

The JAWS & PINS Pit Party all-dayer line-up features Hey Colossus, Spectres, Phobophobes and a fair few more...

Kali Uchis has always written music for sunny days, so stick a flamingo in the ground and listen to her latest single, 'Tyrant', featuring Jorja Smith.

Strange Cages are releasing their second EP this week (16/06/17 on Vallance Records) so we thought it was about time we got acquainted.

Lucy Leave are one of the weirdest bands we've heard in a while, so we immediately knew we had to have them. Hear their new EP here first.

You already know how much we love our anxious antipodean lo-fi overlords, so you probably won't spill your drink when we say we love Melbourne-based slackpops, School Damage.

Psychedelic surf rock from Grimsby UK. Some of the Sewer Rats lads have let go of their anger, and it sounds great.

Following a sold-out fifth year in 2016, this Camden Rocks Festival will host 250 bands and artists across 25 Camden venues. Which is lots.

Ex Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Bad For Lazarus, Pink Lizards (and more) suspects now go by Clever Thing.

Furs & Masks debut AA single 'Cool Breeze/Tight Squeeze' // 'Strangers Once More' is out 14/04/17. Hear 'Strangers Once More' here first.

The days are longer, the clouds are thinner, and the sun is creeping back into our lives; so let's all wear black and go inside.

Scab Hand are a new garage punk three-piece from Brighton. Hear their single 'Howl' here first.

Dream Wife have released the perfect song.

We'd take a trip with Aye Nako any day. This Brooklyn-based bunch of neerdowell's second full-length, Silver Haze is out 07/04/17 on Don Giovanni Records.

CHILDCARE’s urgent and addictive single ‘Kiss?’ has now got an equally charming visual accompaniment. It's art-pop played by punks.

The hazy Nashvillers Okey Dokey have taken us by the hand and written a little track-by-track map for their new album. Love You, Mean It is out now via Exag Records.

Our lovely hunks of Fresh Flesh have recommended some pretty amazing music, people and places for you lot. Here’s another round up of who the bands you love… love.

We've got an exclusive for you - London's Sly Persuaders debut album. We also asked a few questions so we can all get to know them a little better.

Our lovely hunks of Fresh Flesh have recommended some pretty amazing music, people and places for you lot. Here’s another round up of who the bands you love… love.

Tempers' EP Fundamental Fantasy will be out 24/02/17 on The Vinyl Factory.

Inspired by the infamous Calvin Klien campaign, Evvol's video for 'Comfort Fit' intends to confront how each of us understands and embodies comfort.

Virgin Kids album Greasewheel is out now via Burger Records in the US and London favourites Fluffer Records in the UK.

Robbing Millions are a jazz improv psych band from Belgium. Their self-titled debut album is out now on [PIAS].

Irish band, DIVAN are releasing thier album Modern Knowledge on 19/08/16, having been produced by the brilliant Brent Knopf.

Melbourne quartet, Lowtide have shared another track from their upcoming self-titled debut LP, out 05/08/16 on Opposite Number.

We're proud to present to you Honey Lung's debut single, 'Something'; to be released on RYP Recordings, 29/07/16.

Reminiscent of Iris from Taxi Driver's chilling audition tape, this new video from Mayflower Madame implies found footage of a sinister precursor to bloodshed.

God Australia is good isn't it? Maybe we should let spiders run our country too. Hannahband are our latest favourite export.

The DAs are new. So new, in fact, that their first ever gig was only a few weeks ago, and they're already pumping out an acidic single.

I wouldn't call these gritty, stomping Cardiff rockers 'indie', but damn have they got catchy melodies.

Ireland's The Shaker Hymn are releasing their album Do You Think You're Clever via Heavy Noids Records tomorrow, so let us help you get up to speed.

Ahead of their Leeds to London two-date-tour this week, we asked Night Owls the burning questions.

Londoners, Lupo are briefly venturing out of the recording studio to play two gigs, the first of which is tonight at 93 Feet East.

After featuring their seventies tinged video for latest single, 'Sparks' (out 03/06/16 on Newspeak Records) we wanted to hear more of what makes Little Grim tick.

Arrows of Love latest single, the appropriately venemous, ‘Toad’ is out on 27/05/16 via Handspun Records.

Irish post punks, Slow Riot have released a video for their latest single 'Trophy Wife', out now via Straight Lines Are Fine.

Cavalry are a Liverpudlian five-piece that prove that the word 'indie' hasn't quite lost all meaning just yet.

Apparently they've been described as "deranged", but we prefer the term unique. White Wine have released a video for their latest single and you can watch it here first.

The 1-2-3-4 Festival have announced even more acts for their 2016 return.

Lo-fi layers of chanting and overlapping jangly guitars stir together to create the foggy 'Alright Don't Worry', out 16/05/16 on Chud Records; hear it here first.

Prism Tats' self-titaled album is out now on ANTI- Records. We spoke to the musician behind the music, Garrett van der Spek.

Raw Meat's Finn D'Albert chatted to Press To Meco at The Raw Meat All-Dayer in Leeds 27/03/16.

We were so excited by Vulgarians' set at the Raw Meat All-Dayer that we dragged them off to chat to our editor, Finn, almost before they were off the stage.