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We asked the only questions that matter to LA-based noise-punks, Molly Horses. The new project from a few recognisable faces...

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Molly Horses

We asked the only questions that matter to LA-based noise-punks, Molly Horses. The new project from a few recognisable faces...

From just two singles I think we can all agree that Molly Horses throw out raw riffs on high energy tracks with chunky ear-grabbing vocals. And we love them. Formed earlier this year when members FonFon Ru and Wilderness ended up in LA, their second single 'King Dundalk' is out right fucking now.

Answers are from guitarist Cormac Brown.

RAW MEAT: Tell us about your local music scene; what’s your favourite local venue, are there any record labels or stores that we should look up, what’s the scene like where you're from?
So Harry and I were born and raised in Portland, ME. We both played in bands all throughout our adolescence and early 20’s and the scene there is incredible. I think in the isolating winters there’s a lot of time for introspection and creativity, so a lot of folks there are doing really original and inspired stuff, not to play on the whole “tortured artist” bullshit, but there’s validity in that. The scene changes pretty rapidly so half the bands I love I’m not even sure are still around, but notable faves are Amiright?, Crunchcoat, Midwestern Medicine, Video Nasties, Mouth Washington, Lemon Pitch, all of whom we’ve played shows with at the handful of DIY venues up there (like the Apohadion and Sun Tiki Studios to name a few.) Former projects of Harry and I were supported by this label Repeating Cloud which was put together by our dear friend Galen Richmond. He’s a guy that just really cares a lot about the stuff with heart and goes above and beyond to just create a platform for good local music.

The scene here in LA, we’re honestly still traversing. It is a bit of a culture shock that there really are two heaping fistfulls of bands of any specific subgenre one would have in mind, so we’re still finding our community a little bit. Everything we were accustomed to in our hometown also exists out here, but there’s just more of it, which can really clog the synapses. Just waiting for other bands to ask us to prom.
We have Zebulon, and they always have great programming, would love to play there sometime soon. Harry and I live right down the road from The Echo/Echo Plex so it’s always fun to bop down there for shows random nights of the week. Also would love to play at The Smell, pretty legendary DIY punk venue in Downtown LA. I did find my favorite record store however, Jacknife in Atwater.

Hope you weren’t looking for a short answer about one city, sorry, love you.

Name one track or band that you love from the past.
I’ve been on a huge kick with the last two Talk Talk albums right now. Some truly original groundbreaking post-rock and noise, especially for the late 80’s / early 90’s by former synthpop darlings. 'New Grass' off their last record Laughing Stock will play at my viking funeral.

Name one track or band that you're loving right now.
Honestly been really blown away with Chat Pile’s output. “God’s Country” is kind of a perfect document of failing Western systems told in soberingly stark fashion. Seriously, why the fuck do people have to live outside?

Name one track or band that you think we should be listening out for in the future.
A band I mentioned earlier, I think it’s criminal that anyone could go about their lives without hearing Midwestern Medicine. Bitingly smart, funny (but are we supposed to be laughing?), and raw songs. Brock Ginther is a genius, but he carries it like a secret. But we all know. We all know, Brock.

What are you up to now?
Well, I have a load of laundry in, and I should be cleaning the bathroom but I can’t bring myself to do it. But really, we’re still trying to get out there and play shows to remain fresh in everyone’s minds while simultaneously shutting ourselves away to record. We’ll be playing at Church of Fun with The Chonks, Closet Goth, and Wazoo here in LA 2/24 so there’s that!

What can we expect from you next?
We have a couple more singles in the pipeline before releasing a full length hopefully by spring/summer this year. It’s all self produced and we all have day jobs so just plugging away at mixing and mastering all that in between my bar shifts and keeping fingers crossed on deadlines. There’s talk of a smattering of shows around the southwest in the near future but that’s all just starting to come into focus.

Images are by Dani Dimarchi and Malcom Watts.



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