Fresh Flesh


We asked the only questions that matter to LA-based noise-punks, Molly Horses. The new project from a few recognisable faces...

We asked desert-inspired folk rockers Sweet Giant (previously Big Peyote) those all important questions.

There's more than a little nostalgia in the power-psych of Fez. We asked them the all important questions just in time for the release of their latest single.

Krush Puppies' latest medieval-tinged murder ballad is a grubby, fuzzy attention-grabber.

Lockdown affects us all differently. Brighton’s Chappaqua Wrestling were supposed to have their first 'big year' in 2020, we spoke to them about breaking out while staying in.

Psychedelic garage rock that retains a sense of lo-fi silliness. I mean... how could we not?

The squealing rock n roll stylings of Guitar Gabby caught our communal eye a while ago. And with two albums released in 2020 alone, we needed to catch up with them, fast.

Our slow burning love affair with high-energy punk rock peddling, The OBGMs has finally lead to us popping the question(s).

Walls of crunchy guitars and rolling punk rock melodies mean The Pleasure Dome are someone we want you to get to know better. So we asked them the questions that matter.

It took roughly 20 seconds for us to fall madly in love with Pabst and their latest single 'Skyline'. A band that takes mid 90s Britpop and put it through a grunge-grinder.

Brighton three-piece, Something Leather are poised to release their debut EP Midnight Reverie, filled with anxiety, darkness and psychedelic rock through a modern lens.

A long time love of Raw Meat, Catholic Action are about to release their second album. So we thought it about time we got to know them better.

Minimal art-pop with hints of air-tight techno, the self-produced debut from these New York veterans is set to be a staple of dystopian diets for years to come.

Lo-fi and dripping in attitude, The Paranoyds' debut album tore a hole through our 2019 without even breaking a sweat.

Midlands punks, BLOOD-VISIONS battle between the comfort of a tight-knit community and the suffocation of small town blues on their self-titled EP.

Goldenbloom are post-punk in a post-IDLES world; furious innocence and ennui that makes for addictive listening.

After London's new single 'You Know What I Mean' is out now. It's their second of 2019 and is further proof of their sky-high trajectory.

We spoke to Gravey to get the low down ahead of their gig at our very own Halloween party with Roadkill Records this weekend.

As New York's BARRIE reappear with latest release 'Drag' we thought we might re-visit our Fresh Flesh interview.

Now a duo with powerful rhythms and intense melodies, WAHL are on the war path to give us all an outlet for Tracy Chapman levels of feels.

Hannah and Clara blew my tiny mind when I first saw them live. I jumped on them before they'd even left the stage and practically begged them to answer the ultimate questions...

In preperation of their show tomorrow, we caught up with Roadkill Records latest signing, Gaygirl.

Press Club are absolutely incredible and we're lucky to bear witness to their irrepressible rise.

Hypnosister is the latest project from Allusondrugs songwriter, Damian Hughes. We just about managed to hop on the right frequencies to find out what on earth he's up to.

Five Brummies found the time to tell us what really tocks their tick, having just finished a string of UK dates.

Projector's debut EP is out this week (09/11/18) via the old boys at Roadkill Records, and it's already making waves.

Spielbergs have been on our radar for a while, and they don't seem to be slowing down for anyone.

Irrepressibly odd, undeniably handsome duo, Sex Cells make regular alt-pop sound really fucking average.

London quartet Honey Moon just released their Four More From... Honey Moon EP via Heist or Hit and we intend to celebrate with them in London, tonight.

If you've been paying attention this won't be the first time you've heard us mention this riff'd up instrumental riff raf.

The newly solo Evawolf will be opening our second ever Raw Meat Live, so we thought it only right that we get to know him a little more intimately.

“I closed my eyes and I heard the Allman Brothers playing in the seventies.” - Seasick Steve

We're obsessed with Dish Pit's no-fucks alt rock.

Paranoid, jaded, angry and loud. Okay Champ's debut single embodies everything we hold dear to our cold, black hearts.

After seeing Guttfull live, we became completely besotted. So we thought it was about time we asked them the only questions that really matter.

When the same band are recommended to you three times in a week it's pretty clear that you're not the only one that has fallen under Thyla's spell.

They're Irish, they're ladies, their EP is out now. And we like them. A lot.

Teen Creeps are neither teens nor creeps and so we weren't at all unsettled by their answers to the questions that we ask everyone.

We like Frauds so much that we might have to steal their motto as our own, “We take the music seriously but we don't take ourselves seriously."

Pip Blom have just released a video for their single 'School', the AA-side to the excellent ‘Babies Are A Lie’. To celebrate we asked them the questions that really matter.

We've only bloody gone and found another dreamboat band for you. On the mellower side of things, Eastern Barbers' muted vocals glide over jazz chords and under organ hums.

To celebrate their being signed by very cool punk label, Noisolution, we spoke to Dirk of Berlin's Dead Kittens.

Ahead of a string of their reputably raucous live shows, we asked White Room the questions that really matter.

What the hell kind of band has a documentary made about them before their debut album is even out? Politically enraged and youthfully hopeful, Cassels. That's fucking what.

Young States are a powerhouse of ripple riffs and roaring vocals.

No-one is immune to Common Holly's charms. Latest single, 'If After All' twists in the wind and sticks in your throat.

TRASH have shared their latest track '81', and because we just can't get enough of their clattering dream riffs, we thought we'd get to know them better.

Fresh back from Glasto we pinned Atlas Wynd down to ask them a few questions.

Strange Cages are releasing their second EP this week (16/06/17 on Vallance Records) so we thought it was about time we got acquainted.

You already know how much we love our anxious antipodean lo-fi overlords, so you probably won't spill your drink when we say we love Melbourne-based slackpops, School Damage.

Psychedelic surf rock from Grimsby UK. Some of the Sewer Rats lads have let go of their anger, and it sounds great.

The dreamy four-piece from Newcastle have shared their third single, 'Love You Still'.

After a busy first year as a band, we pin down Leeds' exciting newcomers, Team Picture. 

New York based sister duo The New Tarot are defying genres and taking us all for a ride.

Irish band, DIVAN are releasing thier album Modern Knowledge on 19/08/16, having been produced by the brilliant Brent Knopf.

God Australia is good isn't it? Maybe we should let spiders run our country too. Hannahband are our latest favourite export.

Australia's indie-synth lords, FAIRCHILD, have set up camp in Manchester and come to prove that they're a band worth knowing.

I wouldn't call these gritty, stomping Cardiff rockers 'indie', but damn have they got catchy melodies.

Ireland's The Shaker Hymn are releasing their album Do You Think You're Clever via Heavy Noids Records tomorrow, so let us help you get up to speed.

Ahead of their Leeds to London two-date-tour this week, we asked Night Owls the burning questions.

Londoners, Lupo are briefly venturing out of the recording studio to play two gigs, the first of which is tonight at 93 Feet East.

After featuring their seventies tinged video for latest single, 'Sparks' (out 03/06/16 on Newspeak Records) we wanted to hear more of what makes Little Grim tick.

Irish post punks, Slow Riot have released a video for their latest single 'Trophy Wife', out now via Straight Lines Are Fine.

Cavalry are a Liverpudlian five-piece that prove that the word 'indie' hasn't quite lost all meaning just yet.

Ahead of the release of Grawl!x's stunning album, Aye!, (out 28/05/16) we chat to the artist behind it all. 

LA's latest and greatest electro-indie band, Sego, are releasing their debut album, Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around, today on Raygun (UK) and Dine Alone (US).

Glass Mountain, a four piece from Bradford, have just released their stunning debut single, 'Glacial'. For those that want some meaning to their music; get on board. 

Prism Tats' self-titaled album is out now on ANTI- Records. We spoke to the musician behind the music, Garrett van der Spek.

London duo, Loose Meat, provide a backdrop to those hazy summer days with new single 'Edge of Love' from their upcoming self-titled debut, set for release 02/06/16. 

Want big riffs, a smashing drum-beat and one heck of a chorus? Look no further. Gallery Circus are primed and ready to give you just that. 

Sasha Siem blends experimental trip-hop with solemn undertones to create a whole other world of infinite darkness and intrigue. It's a thing of beauty that cannot be ignored.

Cannibal Animal are sludgy, not slow, with punk drunk drums and rattling distortion. The level of urgency in their feedback-drenched latest single grabbed us firmly by both ears.

The beat-driven Summer pop of Naives is as polarising as a tropical print shirt - personally I love it, but I'm aware it's not for everyone and might not quite work all year round.

Beach Violence are different. There's no getting around it. Their self-described creep folk has its roots in nineties RnB, growing through Beirut and Anthony & The Johnsons melodies.

After being sucked into the psychedelic world of Electric Eye's second album Different Sun, we thought we should get to know the band a little bit better.

Brother Zulu are fronted by jazz pianist and classically trained flautist, Lawrence Ajadi, and songwriter child-signing Max Tuohy. Their two different schools of musical thought come together to create a soulful funk band with a hip hop lyrical flow.

Dreamy alt-pop band Big Tooth use crafted bass lines and wistful vocals to create timeless songs. Their song writing is equal parts wisdom that draws on the past, and originality that will carry them long into the future.

Norfolk’s finest four-piece, Secret From Richard, give the lucky readers of Raw Meat a free download of B-side ‘Faith’, for a limited time only.

The leader of the South London electronic folk collective, Button Eyes is Lewis Lindgren (otherwise known as producer 184).

Glaswegians, WHITE have just released this video for their debut single 'Future Pleasures'.

With a debut track produced by Spring Kings' Tarek Musa and a somewhat melodramatic self-penned biog; introducing, Trudy.

Plastic Mermaids are a superb mix of everything; their music invites the use of synths, bowed guitars, a sprinkling of dance and wavering vocals that send shivers down your spine.

The epic pop of Many Things brings The Killers and Spector to mind with its cocktail of drama and catchiness.

Toxic drumming, insidious guitars and rough vocals is the make-up of Essex band, Mary Do You Wanna. Their first release, ‘The Plague’, displays a band making rock n roll with a bite.

NRVS LVRS (pronounced Nervous Lovers) write sparse, emotional indie pop.

Saint Agnes are much more than a blues rock n roll band; the cinematic and timelessness in their writing make them heavy and hard to ignore. They're also incredibly easy on the eye.

The Sewer Rats are the second ever signing to our friends at Fluffer Records and it's not hard to see why.

Chick Quest are from Vienna, they write high energy alternative pop that mixes Talking Heads with Art Brut. Their debut album, Vs. Galore is out now and it's inspirational stuff.

Australian-London-based trio Netsuke make dreamy atmospheric pop with sweeping synths and unique melodies. Their debut single 'Heliotrope' is out now via Illustrated Records.

Through blending heavily distorted riffs with vocals comparable to Billy Joel Armstrong (Dookie era), US rockers, Kill Vargas, have concocted a new and impressive take on grunge.

FEHM have the ominous bass lines of Joy Division and some of the best feedback manipulation you'll ever hear. 

Formation's debut EP, Young Ones came out last week on Meno Records; these south London twin brothers blend nineties dance influences with a kind of David Bowie art-pop.

ticktock is otherwise known as Sebastian Zieler and his otherworldly pop is unique to say the least. His synth-band-dance-pop, TCOLT EP is out now on The Big Oil Recording Company.

Flesh are a Mancunian four-piece that make a feature of the tell-tale Manchester drawl and combine influences from both of Brit pop's king pins Oasis and Blur.

As you may have noticed from our review of Hailey Wojcik's most recent EP Book of Beasts, we like her a lot. 

Math-rockers, Shades, from the North East prepare to release follow up to debut EP, Existential Ambiguity, Or Something with Lose Your Chains. Out 21/03/15.

The simplistic innocence of Pale Honey's music quickly descends into distortion and robotic riff thrashing. 

Fawn Spots are a bunch of punks, just about to release their debut LP, From Safer Place. They're raw, heavy and slightly off-kilter - like an unhinged Hüsker Dü.

Phantom Runners are a band with a vision. Their spacey, laid back indie has pop melodies in its bones and their first single of 2015, 'Laserbeam' is a perfect example.

From the very first moments of Dalton's 'What Never Should End' we were hooked.