Strange Cages


Strange Cages are releasing their second EP this week (16/06/17 on Vallance Records) so we thought it was about time we got acquainted.

Strange Cages


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Strange Cages

Strange Cages are releasing their second EP this week (16/06/17 on Vallance Records) so we thought it was about time we got acquainted.

Featuring cyclical riffs, howling guitars, animalistic drums and screaming; Strange Cages latest EP The Cracks is a psych-influenced post-garage punk dream that manages to get far out-spaced while solidifying them as a live-wire party band. Have a listen to the last track and the first track, respectively, below.

RAW MEAT: Tell us about your local music scene; what’s your favourite local venue, are there any record labels or stores that we should look up, what’s the scene like where you're from?
Charlie: Brighton is extremely satisfactory to our musical needs. The Globe is a great space for gigs and the staff really help us out by letting us put on our own night there. Acid Box are some top promoters in town everyone should know.

Name one track or band that you love from the past.
I have an obsession with The Teardrop Explodes.


Name one track or band that you're loving right now.
Phobophobes are one of my favourites about right now.

Name one track or band that you think we should be listening out for in the future.
Ezekiel Doo are a Brighton band with good things to come.

What are you up to now?
We are preparing to release our second EP ‘The Cracks’ on 16th June. We’re doing launch shows in Brighton and London so we’re locked away rehearsing all night in our space chamber where the lights don’t stop flashing.

What can we expect from you next?
We have schemes up our evil sleeves. There will be another release not long after the EP and we’re going to continue corrupting the people of the UK and hopefully further beyond.


See the band live at the below dates:

23/06/17 – Brighton, Electric
30/06/17 – London, Shacklewell
15/07/17 – Portsmouth, Made Waiven
17/07/17 – Brighton, Hope & Ruin
21/07/17 – Oxfordshire, Truck Festival



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