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Tyler Marriott

We look back on when Hartlepool’s own Plaza kicked off Meet The North festival and peep their new video for 'In The Know'.

Newcastle four-piece, High Tide 15:47 describe their debut EP as, "A fuzzy twist on influences from the shoe-gaze and dream-pop scenes of the late eighties and early nineties".

J Mascis is a figure in music whose name needs no introduction.

Psychedelic dance pop, Fever The Ghost add musical originality to hypnotic visuals in this, the second music video for their debut, Crab In Honey (out now on Heavenly Recordings).

In medical terms, hookworms are parasitic nematodes that live in the small intestines of its host, that could be anything from you and I, to your pet dog.

We at Raw Meat, were very much fascinated with The Xcerts latest album, There Is Only You. It gained a very respectable 9/10.

The Wands' debut album, The Dawn is out 24.11.14 and their European tour begins today in London.

Arcane Roots' performance at Newcastle's Think Tank got Raw Meat's Tyler Marriott feeling all pensive.

Nottingham’s answer to nineties Seattle, Kagoule have released their latest single, ‘It Knows It’ with a psychedelic video that sees the band embark in an MTV/ TOTP mockery.