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Charlotte Teakle

As veteran Field Day-ers, we're well aware that absorbing more than one day at a time of that much nonsense is too much for one writer, so we split it. Charlotte tackled Saturday.

It's Field Day this weekend! Just before you head off to the festival, we've brought back our Clash feature to tell you which bands deserve your attention at Field Day.

A warehouse in a secret location; in true DIY spirit, Arrows Of Love’s Nima Teranchi joked, “It doesn’t feel like a gig, it feels like we’re throwing a massive party”.

SULK launched their brand new album, Illusions to an audience that were hooked on every riff.

With modern day Stone Roses vibes and a beachy super eight video to match, SULK are the band prepping our ears for Summer.

After a small hiatus from frantically making music, Fat White Family are back. This time with shaved heads, hypnotic vocals, and camouflage for days.

Loaded with 90’s influences and a defiant edge to their sound; Wardance are turning heads for all the right reasons.

'Little Fun' is an awesome, catchy, autobiographical sample of what it is to be Theo Altieri. 

Paying tribute to the death of Emmett Till, a victim of extreme racism in the 1950's; Melody Gardot's soulful blues track acts as a timely reminder of the realities of prejudice.

Set in a school effected by the Cherbynol bombing, we follow one man coping in the aftermath. The desolation married with Fractures' haunting voice makes for an emotional experience.

The Travelling Band's new track is the kind of song you'd blare out of your car stereo after a beach day with your friends.

Nineties aesthetic is something that Desaparecidos' new track has in bucket loads. New album Payola is out 22/06/15 on Epitaph Records.

Demob Happy's garage-grunge-rock sound is often backed up by videos on a budget. It's interesting to see how far they can go with two fivers, a go-pro camera and a lot of fake blood.

Mysteries are what they say on the tin. As told in the dialogue of this arty silent-film style video, “they have no interest in revealing their identity, it's all about the music...”

The Charlatans' groovy track 'Come Home Baby', is almost psychedelic at times. Rewarding listeners old and new; this has got summer vibes written all over it.