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Tom Kolbe

Love Buzzard grab your ankles, instantly bouncing them to their beat, it takes less than thirty seconds of this EP to get a feel for them. Love Buzzard is out now on Fluffer Records.

Welcome to Wester, from 28 Boulevard is charming and honest; it’s a fresh change that celebrates adolescence while never trying too hard. It’s very nearly brilliant.

New project courtesy of Cedric Bixlar-Zavala and Omar Rodrigues-Lopez (At The Drive In and Mars Volta), Antemasque. Featuring Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

Wampire leisurely stroll a thin line between the realms of genius and madness, often plodding into sheer silliness on the way.

New record, Weirdon, from Purling Hiss is a two headed beast that will have each head gnawing at your ankles for attention. 

A decade old idea, recorded in 5 years, featuring a menagerie of musicians from the likes of Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Suckers, Dirty Projectors and many more.

Debut album, Everything Infinite is retro psych-pop from LA-based, Australian producers-turned-creatives, Wunder Wunder.

Summer is finally here and White Reaper are going to grab you by the ankles and drag you through it kicking and screaming, in a very good way. Out 24.06.14 on Polyvinyl Records.

Popstrangers' Fortuna, recorded in five days in central London, is gritty, filled with hooks and leaves you with a lingering feeling of excitement. Out 02.06.14 on Carpark.

Liam Finn’s third offering. A brilliant yet frustrating listen, The Nihilist is an overcrowded, slowly chugging train of fantastic ideas. Is it worth staying on until the final stop?