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Alex Driscoll

Six years in the making, Feist’s Pleasure could be called a tangent. If not the result of a reset-button push on a two-decade music career, and you should hear it.

Gun Outfit have recently signed to Paradise of Bachelors, and Dream All Over serves as their début release on the North Carolina label, out now.

New York natives MisterWives have arrived in London for their very first headline UK show.

A man attended this gig with a home-printed shirt that said, “This Dad Loves MisterWives”.

The Districts put their best foot forward with less-fizz-more-scratch guitars, and a flattering, distant lo-fi distortion a la The Strokes' Is This It.

An eclectic bundle of joy from a fairly surprising super-group that outweighs its parts.

Ontario, Canada’s The Elwins follow up a large worldwide tour with infectious indie rock from their new album Play For Keeps, out now on Affairs Of The Heart.

Underdog Polaris Award-winning Tanya Tagaq’s fourth album is finally getting a European release.

The fourth release of award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan and he’s found the point between indie rock, folk and foggy acoustic that he was destined to bring to light.

Holland’s big-deal alternative rock band De Staat are an untapped gold mine for rock fans who feel the lethargy in their favourite genre.

Take Turns' self released Animal Fat EP is out 17.11.14. Alex Driscoll delves in to its rough indie, fatty inner workings.

Formed in 2011, Disraeli Gears (who share their name with the 1967 Cream album) were based in Leeds to begin with, while at University.

Alex Driscoll looks at how “invasive” an EP from a woman whose previous release was titled 'Safer' can possibly be.

The indie rock scene is overloaded with bands like Purple: sassy, scuzzy, bluesy, grungy... So what makes Purple different?

Are SKD heading for the UK Official Singles charts? No. But if they did happen to strike a number one single, you get the feeling they wouldn’t be very happy about it.

We asked two of our writers two give us two different perspectives on Reading Festival 2014, and boy did we get it. Read Alex's first ever festival experience.