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Chris Patmore

Press Club once again proving that, given half a chance to do their thing, the Aussies can win the hearts and minds of audiences anywhere in the world. Pics & words by Chris Patmore.

Chris Patmore heads back into reality, for now.

Indie guitar rock at it's finest from October Drift, and fellow Somersetians(?) support, China Bears.

Brighton psych-rockers Strange Cages have just released their second album, Pop Therapy, in collaboration with Acid Box Records.

When does an all-dayer become a festival? Learn all the answers to life's really big questions with resident philosopher Chris Patmore.

Apart from a disappointing lack of female performers, Community Festival is looking indie-licious according to Raw Meat's resident photographer and grown up(ish), Chris Patmore.

Writer and photographer Chris Patmore is brave enough to admit that he's never heard of The bloody Futureheads... and then says what we've all been thinking for the past 20 years.

Nothing quite beats the excitement of guitars and drums, loud and fast, in small and hot venues.

If Lola Colt were LSD, Saint Agnes are mescaline.

Chris Patmore's incredible photos implore you to get up, get out and buy records.

Chris Patmore tends to keep his festival activity to just one a year because: camping. And people. This year Kendal Calling's line up took the biscuit.

Shocking British sunshine means an epic festival season for all. Our favourite photographer, Chris Patmore elaborates.

Today's LIFE lesson: go and see bands you've never heard of.

As Fluffer Pit Parties grow in numbers and reputation, their DIY danger might be dwindling, but the quality of acts certainly isn't.

For fans of neo-punk, Bad Breeding are regarded as the ones to see. Chris Patmore snaps and raps.

At the gigs Chris Patmore goes to, the male / female musicians split may even favour female artists, possibly because they're better performers on stage, as Pussyliquor demonstrated.

B-52's very own Cindy Wilson's only just now cracking out on her own. Touring her debut solo album, Change.

As we all watch the world disintegrate, we asked our contributors to tell us which bits of 2017 they didn't completely hate. Photographer Chris Patmore picked a handful of his best.

Including members of Aurora, The Megaphonic Thrift, and Casiokids, Strange Hellos' Nordic psych makes for an incredible live show.

Incredible annual concert in aid of Solace Women’s Aid, a London-based charity that supports women and children affected by domestic and sexual violence.

Le Son supported the nerve-tensing Gothenburg-based, Pale Honey in London's east end. Chris Patmore took pictures.

A dream line-up in London, through the eyes and ears of Chris Patmore.

Was our Halloween party a success? Depends... By the end of our headliner's set, the entire front row of the crowd had been thrown out for tearing shit up.

‍London has a new music festival to join the already packed roster of festivals across the country in what we laughingly call summer.

Leefest is essentially a party that got out of hand. To the extent that it is now a fully fledged, award-winning festival, but one that still feels like a massive party.

Difficult to classify and impossible to ignore, Queen Kwong more than live up to the clichéd “force of nature” tag.

Our snapper Chris Patmore spoke with Pierre in London, about his music, the upcoming festival, and living in Montreal.

We're sending the biggest kid we know, Chris Patmore, to Neverland again this year.

Sheffield artist Black Mamba Fever tore a hole through a sadly small crowd in North London.

Most musicians are now aware of how corrupt the music industry is. Major record companies are corporate media conglomerates that behave like loan sharks, but with less ethics.

We sent Chris Patmore and his camera to see Leeds ladsladslads, Weirds before they head on tour with The Wytches next month and get egos.

Photographer Chris Patmore captured the mayhem of The Sly Persuaders album launch gig/party/riot. Featuring support from Bridport Dagger and Saint Agnes.

We asked our contributors to tell us which bits of 2016 they didn't completely hate. Photographer Chris Patmore takes us through his favourite shots to a soundtrack of Jeff Beck.

The last weekend of July has to be the busiest of the music festival calendar; when seemingly all niche, boutique, small-to-medium festivals competed for both audiences and artists.

Before we see them play LeeFest at the end of the month, we asked previous SOTW-band Peluché what the hell they're all about.

A day like today is a welcome reminder that Summer is on the way, and this Summer seems to be as saturated with festivals as festival-goers will be by the inevitable downpours.