Hear it here first, the second single from Ester's new album, Turn Around. Out 27.03.20 via Midwest Action.

Quality Living's latest single, 'Marathon' is a carefree romp through the Casio bossa nova setting.

Hurtling announce their new single ‘Summer’ ahead of the release of their debut album, Future From Here.

The first person to guess what this song is about gets to watch the video before anyone else, right here.

If you know Raw Meat at all, you'll know we like our coffee black, our kittens fluffy, and our hip hop? Well we like that old school.

The incredible bunch down at Brixton Hill Studios are releasing a mini-album for Brixton's Soup Kitchen. Hear SCUD FM's 'Christmas Crime' here first.

We've got first peep at Lara Smiles' latest video for single, 'Zombie'. Just in time to announce she's kicking off our Halloween party!

Hear it here first. Eerie garage goths Muertos' share their new track 'Devastating Fool' ahead of their debut album, Suck It Up. Out 24/08/18 on Roadkill Records.

Writhing with the shadows in your peripheral vision, the new single from Projector is an unnerving, snake-hipped stomp.

Having just wrapped up their new EP, WRATH, recorded with Margo at Hermitage Works Studios Jay Vee and co. were pinned down by John Clay long enough to shoot a session.

Leather Party have got a story to tell. And the time has come for the final pulp. Words are by Leather Party, written to be read while listening to latest track 'Thick 2'.

Those pesky racoons over at Roadkill Records are only bloody releasing a second compilation. And to get in the mood to celebrate, we're premiering Enemy of The People's contribution.

The Nyx recently began working on their new EP at Hermitage Works Studios, and the ever vigilant John Clay took the opportunity to capture them for a Margo's Living Room session.

‘Algorithm Prison’ is the latest track from the Walthamstow four-piece. Hear it here first.

Leather Party have got a story to tell. This is the penultimate part four. Words are by Leather Party, written to be read while listening to latest track 'Baby It's Alright'.

Our boy Height Keech has a new album coming out and it's a killer. Have the first listen to the second track from this latest record.

Manchester based Leather Party have got a story to tell. This is part three. Words are by Leather Party, written to be read while listening to latest track 'Mean Like A Snake'.

Season 3 Episode 4 of an experimental session that we couldn't ignore. Filmed at Hermitage Works Studios by John Clay AKA Clark Kent's Rock n Roll Revue.

Following the success of their 2017 self titled debut EP, Scab Hand are already gearing up for the release of their second EP Sparse Anatomy on the 06/04/18.

Manchester based Leather Party have got a story to tell. This is part two. Both the artist image and video are by the talented Olivier Richomme. Words are by Leather Party.

Manchester based one-man band, Leather Party have got a story to tell. This is part one.

Stranges Cages' new dictionary-grabbing single is out 16/02/18 on Vallance Records.

New favourites Sweat Threats are releasing their second single just in time for us all the get that smashy Friday feeling.

The obesely talented Big & The Fat have dished out a premiere of their latest track, 'Crack Crack' ahead of a limited edition vinyl release in March.

Our favourite psych slackers, Worst Place are back with another dreampop delight, a sumptuous cover of Jane Wieldin's eighties banger 'Rush Hour'.

Dancehall are heroes of modern punk. Water-tight drum fills, sucker-punch basslines and guilloutine guitar riffs all clamour for the drawled vocals' attention.

Scab Hand have an EP coming out in November and we've got the first track n' vid from it.

Even if you wouldn't call yourself a blues fan, this trio's brand of blues is so filthy, dark and underground-dirty that it can't help but leave a film on your teeth.

Lucy Leave are one of the weirdest bands we've heard in a while, so we immediately knew we had to have them. Hear their new EP here first.

Furs & Masks debut AA single 'Cool Breeze/Tight Squeeze' // 'Strangers Once More' is out 14/04/17. Hear 'Strangers Once More' here first.

Scab Hand are a new garage punk three-piece from Brighton. Hear their single 'Howl' here first.

We've got an exclusive for you - London's Sly Persuaders debut album. We also asked a few questions so we can all get to know them a little better.

After being locked away in a studio, Worst Place have given us the gift of premiering 'The Sun Changed Everything'. Listen now.

We're proud to present to you Honey Lung's debut single, 'Something'; to be released on RYP Recordings, 29/07/16.

Reminiscent of Iris from Taxi Driver's chilling audition tape, this new video from Mayflower Madame implies found footage of a sinister precursor to bloodshed.

The DAs are new. So new, in fact, that their first ever gig was only a few weeks ago, and they're already pumping out an acidic single.

Apparently they've been described as "deranged", but we prefer the term unique. White Wine have released a video for their latest single and you can watch it here first.

Lo-fi layers of chanting and overlapping jangly guitars stir together to create the foggy 'Alright Don't Worry', out 16/05/16 on Chud Records; hear it here first.

Vulgarians have released a music video for their huge new single 'Lost Sanity Smiles'. Watch it here first.

Brighton band KRAK KRAK are releasing their debut album All the punks in the world can’t save us now on Rawshark Records, 30.11.15.

This track from Will Samson & Heimer's album Animal Hands uses acoustic instruments to build electronic noise. Out on Karaoke Kalk 29.05.15.

We're chuffed to bring you the new video for 'Running Gap' from Wolf Solent. His second EP, wisely entitled EP // 2 is out now on Sea Records.

Another Raw Meat exclusive for you; the wonderful Jet Setter have released this YouTube inspired video for their jittery and dance-able single 'Forget About It'. 

Horsefight release animated video for new single, 'Adam & Eve'. Warning: contains nudity and sex scenes, but not in a hot way.

Little is currently known about Saveus...

Drawing us all in to their fuzzy dream, ShirleySaid combine gentle guitar riffs with unrelenting synths and spaced-out vocal melodies.

Watch the music video for 'It Turns Out' exclusively on Raw Meat.

Stream 'Excised' from experimental rock legends R.O.C on the Raw Meat site this week. Out 22.09.14 on Metal Postcard Records.